1. 😂 just throw the fuck up and get your ass back to work. Also if you only workout for a half hour and get a pregnant woman’s full 8 hours of beauty rest than you shouldn’t even be taking pre workout. You need to be drinking some
    Chamomile tea and filing those nails while wearing a clay beauty mask….
    lol holding back throw up.

  2. Ya I took half a packet and I got anxiety coming off it. From now on I’m sticking too pre kaged and jay curlers prevail. More mild yet powerful in their own ways stacked it with animal pump pro and it works just right.

  3. Thanks for the reviews everyone. Yeah when the pre workout is that strong it can lead to a crappy workout. Pre workout is supposed to make u wanna workout not give you anxiety. And remember to cycle off of it for a month or so cause it affects your nervous system

  4. I just took this today and it was half a packet. I wasn’t even halfway to the gym and my heart was pounding so fast I could hardly breath. Turned around and drove home very fast. Definitely really potent

  5. start off with 1/4 to 1/2 a scoop depending on your tolerance, trust me i know how you feel. just start small and you wont have the throwing up sensation etc. just an fyi if you every decide to try it out again. Stay safe my dude

  6. It does most definitely say only take half the packet. I took half and had an intense workout about 20 minutes later but I for sure would not buy it due to not knowing how much stimulants are in it.

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