In this video I share my top perfume picks for the Spring Luxury Scentbox Perfume Subscription: Use code ASHLEYANN35 to receive …


  1. I used to work at a perfume factory where the location I was at we did the decor. I did the Vince Camuto and the Juicy Couture plaques. I did do alot of other things.

  2. Hi Ashley I was wondering if you can repost the video you did some months ago about doing your press on nails. For obvious reasons can’t get my nails done Staten Island, NY has been hit bad by the virus and I have to do my nails, I was a nail biter from when I was a kid til 1994 when I grew my nails enough for tips for a friends wedding. Thanks!

  3. I tend to stick with vintage perfumes from the 80s lol. My personal favorite vintage perfume is Calvin Klein's Obsession. But ☝️ I just tried a new perfume called Juliette's got a gun (it's not a perfume) and I loved it!! I hardly EVER find a new perfume that I actually like. I have a tendency to get headaches from smelling a scent on me for too long. However Juliette's got a gun is sooooo light almost natural smelling. Perfect for spring and summer.

  4. Wow! Great video! Had a Juicy about 7/8 years ago. I really loved it for summer! I haven’t had it since then. Sampling perfume is so smart! It’s way too much money if you don’t like it after the purchase. I’ve been loving Gucci Bloom!

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