1. Inhaling the smoke isn’t good for you. Why not eat it? Also, glorifying and recommending it isn’t cool IMO. You can be honest and say you take it and leave it alone.

  2. Try praying too at the end of the night. It's free and a great way to give all your worries/anxieties/joys to God and feel a sense of relief. Just a thought. Great vid Shawley.

  3. I get high as fuck before I lift. Gotta love a sour kush vape pen in the locker room. People think I may be ignoring them, but I get in a high trance and I find the mind muscle connection so much easier high. I also can slam down my food easier. Weed is my fuel😊

  4. Props for keeping it real brotha. Takes some 🥜 to be open about having panic attacks & anxiety and I bet many peeps will be able to relate to it. Keep it coming bro

  5. Hey shawley, I love how transparent you were about stress & anxiety. I’ve dealt with it most of my life & it’s refreshing to hear you speak about it. I am medicated for my own anxiety issues but as far as CBD goes, I have a feeling it could really help. I just don’t know where to get it from & what would make for a reputable vendor. I hope you can expand more on that in a new video 😀 love ya!

  6. Smoking a bowl or a joint is the best preworkout imo. Really relaxes my mind and the body. It allows me to tap into that state of flow where I’m present in the moment. It gets my blood pumping. Crazy how there’s a negative stigma with marijuana.. as long as you understand your body and how you feel, I don’t think it’s “bad”
    Appreciate the transparency and hope your subscribers don’t get it the wrong way.

  7. I'm buying hella shit On the 3rd I need new gym clothes for motivation besides that love the fucking vibes..I smoke n work out all the time I feel like I can go on forever 💯

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