1. not sharing joints is fine but my fellow stoners and growmies it is still AIRBORNE for at least 4 hours until it settles on a solid surface which then it will thrive for another 6 hours tue or not I aint taking a chance and just gunna tend to my indoor garden grow and make sure my girls are safe and healthy same to ALL of you much love and respect growmies, Remo.. 2020 HERE WE GROW😎🤙🙏✌

  2. I can’t wait til the day I can sample the weed before deciding if I want to grow it or not..I’m just used to others opinions 1st&most come from Remos experiences&i was lucky enough to get the Zombie for a keeper

  3. wow these high numbers are amazing .. simply incredible…27 two 29 wow i remember blue berry and train wreck back in the day hearing it was 18 i was so impressed.. kush changed everything when it was invented…

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