1. Back 25 years ago a friend of mine bent and tied it to a cast iron fence that rusted off in April by October it was 23 feet long 9 to 10 feet wide it was huge under 2 foot tall with like 100 tops , to this day I have never seen one like it till now awesome

  2. She's beautiful! Just watched your weigh out on her; 280g pretty schweeet! I'm going to do a tip pot here shortly; I do it to my lettuce all the time! Not sure if you remember me, I'm CommunityRootsPhx on IG. I asked about your pc build a few weeks back. Doubtful I'll jump on twitch, but I told my son. I have video questions for you though. Message me brother! Happy Growing!

  3. for the amount of extra time you had to veg and train, I'm gonna think u got around the same amount dried that you would have gotten letting her veg taller?!? its hard to say if the buds thickness would have differed. but they def. look like they are dense and thick

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