Semen Retention Saved Me | Four Pillars To Become an Alpha Male

Semen Retention and The Four Pillars To Become an Alpha Male HOW SEMEN RETENTION SAVED ME | Become an Alpha Male In this video we will discuss …


  1. Men, unless your woman cheats on you, then yes it is always your fault. It’s time us Guys take responsibility and stop blaming everything else. Well said Casey and Thank You!!

  2. What I've seen and learn is that…A Woman will pull you down from your goals and dreams. They want a man to make her his dreams.. it's like two box of treasure 1 box is Golden box and 1 is a wooden box. The Golden box and has nothing inside!. While the wooden box has so many treasure.. A Woman is like a Golden box and will trick your eyes into wanting that golden box.. while your dreams, goals is a wooden box. You'll see nothing interesting at first but when you open it it's amazing! Becareful guys your dreams is a treasure not a Woman……. It's Business πŸ˜‚!

  3. I really love the content here but i must give an example where the look is not defining alpha-state but still is more alpha than anything else: Chinese Shaolin Fighters (or any small chinese dude being in full control and being a fighter)

  4. Casey I was suicidal when my ex moved out, your content snapped me out of the haze I’ve been living in for the last several years. Better late than never. Thanks brother! πŸ‘ŠπŸ‘ŠπŸ’ͺ

  5. Mayte, you are so fucking smart.

    I had been developing these pillars from different sources.

    I looked to Arnold Schwarzenegger for my body

    I looked to Tony Robbins and Robert Kiyosaki and Donald Trump for business

    I study people with the best relationships and the love dynamic and learn about that – David Dieda- the way of the superior man, Eliot Hulse’s older videos, etc

    And I study Gabe Dawg for nofap.

    But never did I see a man to teach all four pillars- and so efficiently and beautifully.

    My masculinity and my strength bows to you and your greatness.

  6. Lol @2:30 Tyler use to say he would rather die than miss a day at the gym. He went against his own Philosophy and all his homies except for a few, turned against him…

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