Sativa Cannabis strains, weed of north east India, Nagaland and Arunachal Pradesh.

While traveling through the North East states of India, i noticed that lots of great looking sativas grow wild there in the mountains. We did lots of walking around …


  1. India is home to an incredible amount of landraces! In most places, these precious cultivars are in danger of extinction but let's hope that we'll be able to preserve them for future generations…

  2. Just found this vid great work and thank you for the info, you’ve created a beautiful F1 cross there by the looks of it. You could get in touch with Kevin jodrey I’m sure he would be excited to work with you on cultivating your genetic stock and getting it out to the public at some point. Huge fan of the lost cannabinoid profiles and terp profiles, she looks like she has allot going on within side of her, beautiful colours and frosty with good quality looking bracts.

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