Roland: Larry Elder 'Sounds Like A Stupid Person' Proclaiming 'Republicans Did Not Own Slaves'

This week’s #StuckOnStupid Award goes to conservative radio host Larry Elder who proclaimed on Fox News that Republicans didn’t own slaves.


  1. Serious question? If it's about White supremacy and the white man keeping everybody down then how is it that the Asian community are the most successful economically in every single metric that any other race? Because it's all about culture and work ethic I am in no way dismissing that the blacks in this country or held back more than anybody else. But the only way out of this situation is for the white guilt to stop and all these systems that are in place like affirmative action and government handouts. I know they were put in place with good intentions but all it does is devalue self worth.. and creates a culture of victimhood and entitlement.. and every single parent understands these fundamental values of preparing your child for the world and it's no different in this situation. Because when you get something for nothing you you get nothing in return.

  2. You see what Roland Martin is doing here it's talking about individuals who owned slaves and were racist. The Larry elders of the world and Dinesh d'souza's overall argument is that the Democrat party as a whole has always been the party of suppression all the way back to keeping slavery, trying to keep Jim Crow, allowing women to vote,.. I could go on forever but the Democrat party has always been the party of suppression..

  3. Only 10 Republicans actually owned slaves during slavery. So the percentage of Republicans that owned slaves were 0.000000000001%. 99.99% of slaveholders were Democrats. As for Larry's claims that Democrats have founded the KKK, Democrats opposing the 13th, 14th & 15th amendments and Republicans supporting the Civil Rights Act of 1964 at a higher percentage than Democrats are all correct

  4. Notice how Roland Martin didn't provide any facts to refute Larry Elders statements. Why? Because he has none. Martins defense is a classic one of Ad Hominem. He attempts to marginalize Elder in the eyes of black people to keep them from listening to what he says. Martin is pompous, arrogant, crass and his show is one of theater not educational. If you want facts from brothers who have studied history listen to Thomas Sowell. I challenge anyone to research Dinesh D'Souza's statements concerning the Democrat party. Also understand that whites have been the majority of abolitionists in America. This is a fact not conjecture. Attck ideas not people Roland Martin. Shame on you.

  5. He doesn't speak for blacks people. He's white washed and benefits from black leaders to get where he is today. He's a damn fool for fox News money, and he will sale his own relatives if he could.

  6. Republicans like Abraham Lincoln?? I’m sure both parties have been infiltrated. What he said abt guns and the 3/5 personhood laws, minimum wage keeping minorities from higher wages and one month being relegated to Black American history make a lot of sense. Maybe calling people dumb or stupid isn’t a good way to get people on your side but what he says makes sense. It’s the frustration I believe that makes him use strong divisive language. I think I’ll read his book. It’s good to get different points of view. Anyone of any ethnic group who isn’t part of the one percent should unite- Not fight. I don’t believe he’s trying to hurt people. I believe he wants minorities to get as much education as possible. That’s a good thing for everyone’s future.

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