1. Your videos have singlehandedly turned me into a Tool fan. Might just be stockholm syndrome but I'm having a good time anyway. Thanks for all you do Lou and Geaux Tigers

  2. I'm not an expert on primary and secondary colors…all I know is Texas gold..and Texas burnt orange…are 12 conference championships ( four straight) apart from each other… In the prism of football mediocrity… hooktem ….all right all right all right…#rectum

  3. One thing Texas has going for them that obviously Georgia doesn't…….. Texas only "lost" one (1) player to the NFL draft…and Georgia lost a pile..that fourth rounder#166 will likely be a devastating loss for the horns..as longhorned will use that as another excuse for a disappointing season.. hooktem..I guess I should mention the Texas underclassmen that came out early… none were drafted…ouch! Gotem some smart ones down in Austin… Boomer

  4. Lol…..I knew what was coming when I saw the comment “intro too long” thrown up.
    I went ahead and kicked back in the recliner to enjoy the song…..not too bad after a long day at work. 😁

  5. Cheers Lou! Thank you for your shoutout and acknowledgement of the amazing 2013 National Champion. Though you consistently slander the players, coaches, admin and school, I know in your heart of hearts it just a a little jealousy. And hell, if blatant criminality does correlate with actually winning something, the bulldogs are well on their way. I couldn’t think of anything more ridiculous then not being able to complete a football practice without multiple players being busted for dope. Here’s looking at Jan 2020 Lou! #93,99,13

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