Remoaning Tosspot Professor Brain Cox Wants To Delay Brexit Indefinitely

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  1. Well this Brian cox besides talking crap about brexit he keeps saying theres no life apart from earth he should know that theres life on nearly every planet their on the moon aswell they warned the yanks not to return to the moon they reckon the yanks went to the moon but not in a rocket
    Life is divided into dimensions were inthe third others are in fourth and fifth the reason we cant see anything inthe amafourth fifth
    Life that can exist for up to 1000 years they also reckon.obama has been seen.on mars

    You see theres NASA
    Then theres area 51 etc where aliens run the show

  2. I remember watching that series the BBC did with Brian Cox and that Irishman on astronomy. Some of the shows were live and Brian Cox said the nearest star to earth was something like 400 million light years away. A couple of minutes later someone spoke in his ear and he corrected himself that it was 4 light years. I knew then that he was a fake, just a face to push the BBC's dumb ass science programs. Any secondary school science student would know that the nearest star to earth is not in the hundreds of light years. Bet he could barely do any form of advanced mathematics. Toss pot who isn't even worthy of teaching primary school children on some sink hole estate.

  3. Two words describe know all Brian Cox – Smarmy and Smug.
    Even his voice is extremely irritating along with the self satisfied stupid look on his face.
    His little boy hairpiece doesn't help either – he needs a new hairpiece and these are all his Good Points !!! Hahaha.

  4. Is this joker, on the BBCs wage role, like most of them, who are employed, by this institution, on shameful amounts, of taxpayers money, he thinks he is above us all with his smarmy, attitude, I wish, for him to rise in, his own greatness, and take his colleagues, on, a, journey, to the, dark side of the moon, and please do, not return. 🌜🌛

  5. "A self indulgence from another age…?"…As it as one of the main issues in December 2019 general election and party supporting Brexit wom resounding victory I would not consider 5 months ago another age

  6. Brian Cox is so stupid, Professor? Don't make me laugh!
    £12 Billion per year is what we payed, but where will the money come from to prop up the EU, our bill would be £25 Billion per year, but with no economy to support this lunacy.
    He should just disappear.

  7. You are seriously deluded if you honestly believe you are going to have Brexit, this Government and powers to be just will wilt like fooking Daisy's to the EU Franco/German Empire.
    Brexit will not happen
    I voted Brexit and very much want to leave on WTO terms with a big fookwittery fook off to the EU Empire and the Franco/German Fourth Reich
    But it's just simply is not going to happen !!
    It's been over 4 years already and the UK is still no step further away from the EU.

  8. Brian has until the end of december this year to move lock-stock & barrel to the european mainland…goodness…i will even help him pack….no charge…!!

  9. If bat flu taught one lesson, it should’ve finally taught everyone who ever “remoaned” what a pile of shit the EU truly is… look at the treatment of Italy … all they done is shit upon them from a great height … let’s face it, it’s fairly obvious that after this shit the EU is over I’d give it many months as opposed to many years for MAJOR cracks show

  10. Universities have been funded by foreign students for years they have turned the universities into gravy trains for the academia. He may well lose his jod if the UK closes its borders. He is arguing for his self preservation.

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