1. if your collection will ever be in storage (a hot place) you really should take the plastic it comes in off. With heat it will shrink and cause your vinyl to warp. Save the culture!!!

  2. I had a few of the ones your dad gave you. The Elton John one with the glasses you mentioned was my first record ever. Kenny Rogers, Cat Stevens, Fleetwood Mac. Most of my allowance went to records. I had some of the others as tapes.

  3. Love that Alabama Shakes LP too. I have the clear vinyl, I use the clear bag record sleeves and inserts found those to be the best. They are super clear. Really awesome collection. Just a helpful hint. If you can move those speakers away from your turntable
    Looking forward to more of your viynl updates. New subscriber 🙂

  4. Go to a record store and buy external sleeves. They're really cheap, like 20 for $5 in a roll if you want.

    And as for the GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY, there's the soundtrack and then the score. The soundtrack is all the pre-recorded music by bands. The score is the actual music written for the film, which is why the tracks are labelled after the scenes they were written for. Soundtracks can be either/or, but some people prefer to collect the actual scores.

    That Billy Joel double-LP is actually valuable because they never re-issued it, so you can get some coin for it online, actually. Not like, deleted Smith-single money, but something decent.

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