RAD140 Phase 1 HUMAN TRIAL Using 150 MG PER DAY Results | SARMs Trials

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  1. Thank-you for finding out the science based studies and sharing it with us really means alot as I struggle with body dissmorphia and never feel great in my.own body and rad140 is a supplement I have considered taking on a 10mg daily I take milk thistle have a clean diet and am planning a pct to suppress estrogen r to rise but is there anyway 5hat I can check my liver enzymes other then just going to the doctors or checking the kidneys

  2. No half measures , you kind of wonder what some of the doctors were thinking ,no fear by the looks , maybe we'll lose a few subjects but at least we'll have proof why . And it ended pretty well .

  3. Was on 20mg rad 140 for 5 weeks. In the gym Weighta felt nothing. Added 30kgs on bench press. 40 kgs on squats. It was insane but experienced hair thining and lost some hair volume as well. Stopped the cycle. I still have have 5 bottles of rad 140 but dont know if i should do it again. Wish it was not so damaging to hair line.

  4. Hi I have just purchased war rad140 tablets they are 5mg a tablet take one day will I lose my hair if I do one course of it just need to shred a little bit faster

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