Racial Inequality in the Criminal Justice System

In this 2010 video, Prof. Daniel D’Amico argues that one of the reasons why minorities are grossly overrepresented in U.S. prisons may lie with the criminal …


  1. Hey folks!
    In light of current events, we republished this 2010 video as it became relevant again. To provide the audience with context, Prof. D'Amico added a bit of extra content. You can find it in the updated description or in his original comment below.

  2. As a white man ive always felt extremely guilty for finding a job after graduating high school and working everyday since and never being forced to spend a day in prison

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  4. It’s Anecdotal but when I look back the kids that I knew that came from very strict parents and very strict upbringings that taught personal responsibility are all predominantly doing very well. However the children from families that were raised in extremely liberal families that taught the government will take care of them and embedded in them a sense of entitlement are all doing very poorly or are in jail.

  5. The system so rigged because I was working in a store and then I kept getting robbed and they fire me and said I robbed it and then I was workikgn in another store and they kept hiring white drug dealers to run around with me and expose me to drugs

  6. “We will discuss the reasons behind racial inequality in the justice system”
    He then proceeds to ramble from an extremely left thinking point of view while stating 0 factual evidence and leaving out rap culture and gang violence as potential reasons for the excess of black people in jail.

  7. Easy stop committing criminal acts like rape murder and robbery. Before you can even begin to talk about racial inequality one has to look at the criminal element. The proportion of those who commit criminal acts versus all other races. One cannot simply paint a broad picture claiming inequality without conducting a study of crime rates within racial groups. The truth lies in the actions of others not simply race – Inequality cannot simply be expressed by who is in jail but by the criminal acts they performed. Narcotics are the destroyer of a society but not the exclusive reason why more of one race is in prison. Tell you what ride along with the police for just two weeks in the inner city and tell me about racial injustice.


  9. This video is just a bunch of bs assumptions. Black people are in prison more because of father abscence. It starts in the homes. Watch denzel washington. When kids get into contact with the police it's already too late. Legislation makes father abscense financially more attractive which should change. People should focus on finding solutions instead of playing the blame game and stop listening to politics trying to move you away from the actual problems. And I do believe that it's difficult for groups to change this situation. Schools are funded by neighborhoods, if the neighborhood is bad, so is your school. Make education affordable and stop the governments from moving money into the hands of the 1%. It's time to forget colors and unite as we are all humans!

  10. I have a stronger feeling that Black people will not be oppressed when white people and SJW's finally stop saying they are oppressed. Because in 2021, we are all free and there is no oppresion.

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