1. Mexico will legalize cannabis on Sept. 1, 2019. I believe it will be the leading country to finally research all it's medical properties, and will be the number one distributor of cannabis to the world. It will also be a major tourist country that everyone will want to come to. For way too long the USA has blamed "The Mexican" for bringing this "Evil Weed" to America, and soon will need to THANK the Mexicans because Cannabis will soon be revealed for the medicine that it really is.The killer of cancer cells,the healer of epilepsy, and so many other illnesses. So USA, too bad you did not acknowledge what everyone has tried to tell you all along, that this is a plant gift from God to all mankind and animals. But you let Big Pharma keep out of the hands from those who need it most. Mexico and Israel will be the pioneers who opened the gate.

  2. Unbelievable that on one hand CBD IS available, but NOT legal! EVERYONE KNOWS it works!! but it's not legal! People can be sent out to fight and DIE for our country, but when you come back home you CANNOT use a beautiful plant that helps with so many problems! USA…please get your shit together and do the right thing. Legalize it for medical purposes or for whatever people find it beneficial for themselves. It hurts NO ONE, but helps everyone.

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