PREMIUM CBD "Lifter" Strain Hemp Flower Review (Bakers Ranch Botanicals) #indoorHempFlower #hempBud

PREMIUM CBD “Lifter” Strain Hemp Flower Review (Bakers Ranch Botanicals) #indoorHempFlower #hempBud Check Out Bakers Ranch Botanicals: Instagram: …


  1. Anyone ever have this happen with lifter, I usually by it mail order, as it's much cheaper than buying it locally, as I can get an ounce for what I would pay for a quarter ounce locally, however I buy it from a certain internet seller. however I ran out, and they were out of stock. So i found another place in colorado this time ordered an ounce, it came in about 2 days, but the buds looked a bit different and smelled a bit different than the lifter I am used to, I smoked some and the effects were totally different, instead of the overall fuzzy body calm, that I am used too, this stuff got me high as a kite. I gave some to a buddy who also smokes lifter, and it affected him the same way. Could it be that the hemp was grown differently or was there a mixup in the packaging department, and I just got lucky?

  2. Great review! I’ve been looking into CBD for awhile, but I don’t like that high feeling like I used to get with THC cause it didn’t make me feel in control. Is it an over powering relaxation? And how does the smoke smell? Thanks again brother 🤙🏻

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