Plain Water ONLY Grow – Ep 3 – Long Live Fertilizing?

An update on day 13 of Flowering on Lex’s plain water grow journal where we are looking at three different strains, including one we have grown on YT …


  1. thats how Im gonna grow outdoor this season.I can plant more plants and experiment a bit.Only additive is some fresh cow manure i left over the patch this winter.

  2. How do you not use plain water if your plants and growing in the middle of my garden.. when I water my vegies my plants get water as well..buying distilled water is expensive…es30 deb

  3. Hey bud. Was wondering during this whole phase, of it was an outdoor plant would it had yield better. Also, did the water u used, was it tapped water or filtered water? To my understanding chlorine can affect the growth of your plants.

  4. Hello thanks for the video s really enjoy it, you speak in a professional way slow and to the point… I had my first tea with your recipe 😀👍 it was a great day ✌️…. Now I just want to ask you how long it takes to get vegetative stage to pass on to flowering? Thanks and peace ✌️

  5. Im currently Reading into root stimulants for seeslings and cant really seem to find any proper facts on the Matter. Some say its great, some say ist sucks. Maybe you could do a Video about the topic or even so Something similar to this Water only grow, where you have a couple of plants and grow some without and some with root stimulants and compare the two. maybe even Other additives like Bloom boosters and so on to be able to properly tell if these things are actually doing anything. and if so what that effect may be. Some knowledge from someone trustworthy and not just some Forum User would be really, really helpful to me and probably a Lot of people:D

  6. Ha…carbon filters mmmm I have heard it is not good for the terps as it rips them out of the grow room am sure the DJC had a talk about this but good ventilation is key to good growing and light+nutrients…look forward to your views and tests you may be or doing 🙂

  7. Is there any way to make balanced soil to grow cannabis like the original soil in which cannabis plants grow in nature from seed to harvest without adding any nutrients even if it is with an average yield ؟

  8. Hey lex love the channel I would like to correspond with you on a less public forum if possible please let me know , it would be greatly appreciated and maybe we can bounce ideas off each like some of the knf fermentation’s I’ve been doing to create co2 in the room and feed the plants a healthy probiotic high in iron , calcium, and amino acids (very important ) . I’ve got all kinds of ideas that I’d like to see what you think , we’ll anyway hope to hear back take care lex .

  9. Im using cfl's i got 14600 lumens had them on 12/12 for 2 weeks now n there still not showing any kinds of sex can u give me any advice? Im using fox farms n bud candy never had this happen?

  10. You just got a new subscriber brother I just want to let you know I appreciate your science and your research and what you're doing for the Cannabis Community keep up the great work be blessed brother and stay safe.

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