Pete Lee Stand-Up

Pete Lee makes his fifth Tonight Show appearance with jokes about respecting women and smashing. Subscribe NOW to The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy …


  1. if I were a king of another singapore or taiwan or sweden where the country is so small that it is easy to discipline and stabilize unlike the u.s., i would make pete lee the minister of mental health

  2. You set it up: "My girlfriend, who's real (…)"

    Then when the opportunity presented itself: "She noticed, because she has eyes!"

    You had one job and it was to add: "…because she's real!"

    That aside, hilarious as always. <3

  3. "Blinders on, snitches get stitches" This is a smart man. LOOOOL. I tell my boyfriend all the time to put on lotion and one time we were out and he was like you need lotion your legs are a little rough and I was like wooooooooow, how daaaaaaaare youuuuuuu.

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