Pancreatic cancer marijuana hospital hassle

Stage four pancreatic cancer accused of smoking marijuana in hospital. Missouri. They found no marijuana. Only cbd which is legal in Missouri. I should have …


  1. Sudden Severe Pain in left side and unusual excessive belching were the only symptoms of my pancreatic cancer. No nausea or any food related symptoms. CT scan did not show anything but very mild diverticulitis. After two weeks of antibiotics it seemed to subside. A year later when the excessive belching and pain in side reappeared, another CT scan revealed 3 cm mass on pancreas. It was a very painful experience for me, Spent a lot of money on drugs did 7 rounds of chemo and radiation and still yet no results it was a near death experience for me i was having headache ,backache ,tiredness ,pains in almost all part of my body i was nearly on the verge of loosing my life before i found about Dr Harvey on YouTube on how he cured people from pancreatic cancer and other deadly diseases so with believe and faith i collected his contact information contacted him and told him about my pancreatic story and he told me to have faith and believe in him which i did, He prepared an herbal supplements for me and his natural Propolis lecithin capsules and shipped it over to me alongside with the prescription on how to use the products to my greatest shock and joy after making use of this products for 3O days i went back to carry out my tests and i was totally cured from pancreatic cancer and no pains or any symptoms was in my body Dr Harvey I'm grateful sir for saving my life and family i love you anybody having this disease or anyone he/she knows contact Dr Harvey today..

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  2. Every single one of these cops needs to be suspended for 6 months Without pay, required to each pay $100,000 to the man, and go through education on being a decent fucking human being. What if that was you, what if that was your dad or your brother, they need to put there egos aside and do whats right not what they think is right

  3. It's one thing for a cop to have "probable cause" to search someone's car. But, I fail to see how they have the right, without a warrant to search someone's hospital room. If the cop himself smelled marijuana, that might… might, be the case.

    But, there is no way in hell that the Constitution grants an anonymous caller the power to send the police in sans warrant and go through someone's belongings. They should not have submitted to a search at all. Make the cops go get a warrant.

    Make a JUDGE put HIS NAME down on a WARRANT to search someone DYING OF CANCER!

  4. I love how the video targets the cops when clearly the fucking nurses called for the Police. Get your head out your asses and stop believing everything you see on the internet. Secondly, Ihe can't smoke weed in the hospital. He should have stayed home.

  5. Follow the fucking rules. It's a fucking hospital, if you don't wanna comply..then go stay at your mom's house and let her treat your cancer. Tired of people filming everyone then begging for empathy.

  6. I had pancreatitis this summer. Went from 186 lbs to 150 lbs, most pain I've ever been in. Pancreatic pain is some of the worst pain your body can experience. It's a gnawing pain that never goes away. It really makes you go insane.

    Point is, this guy is in bad shape. Leave him the fuck alone.

  7. I’m so sorry he had to deal with AMERICA’S #1 DOMESTIC TERRORISTS in his final time on Earth. THEY ARE LESS THAN SCUM!!! I hope they ALL get cancer and have to deal with their privacy being violated by complete strangers. And the department has the nerve, the unapologetic NERVE…. to claim their officers did NOTHING WRONG. THEY DESERVE EVERY BIT OF HATE THEY GET!!! No matter what it equates to, THEY EARNED IT!!!

  8. You fought a good fight Nolan. We will continue the fight for you. RIP Nolan. We heard your message loud and clear and this video btw…a bunch of bs! Im so sorry you went through all this and I will push your message as often as you did. We as a society, can do so much better. We have to. Noone deserves this video to happen to them. It was such a pleasure meeting you. You will be remembered. That one, I can promise you.

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