OUTDOOR GORILLA GROW 2020 first plants in the ground, How to plant up your garden

I take a risky trip to the forest with the first plants of the season, showing you all how I’m planting my garden up for the 2020 gorilla grow season.


  1. that blue stuff for slugs is not bad for the plant or the soil? or can change the flavor of the weed when u smoke? never used it and im thinking using it this year because is more pratical than the beer cups. but im kind afraid that can be toxic for me or for the plant…love your channel u are one of my favorite yt growers. keep the good work bro

  2. Absolutely love this!!! Buzzing off your energy and attitude. Praying for a good crop for you. Even now with the great may weather I bet these are bushing out!!

  3. Damn your outdoor season is pretty lasting forever loll!! Ive never grown outdoor but i know people around here doesnt transplant outside before june ! Its still really cold here in canada! They harvest late september/early october

  4. I'm still looking for a spot haha didn't even get the seeds yet (๑•﹏•)
    But there was frost just yesterday so no hurry I think 😅

    Your spot is beautiful btw

  5. How the hell you gonna guerilla grow when you can't even spell it right you fool. It's Guerilla as in guerilla warfare, not gorilla the animal. And then you clear a big ass garden bed as if you were planting a garden and think it won't get found. guerilla growing is getting in -plant one or two there, get out, and do this in several areas. That way if one gets found, they don't all get found. Not plant and entire crop like your doing gardening in the weeds. LOL

  6. 07:00 You an add oil right up to the branches, just like tomatoes and potatoes. Cannabis sprouts roots from it's stem, and raising the level of the soil as the plant starts to flower will massively increase flower production. The unimpeded growth of roots in is why plants flower so well in hydro. The roots have no resistance from the soil and just grow into water. Not that I'm a hydro fan – organic/natural all the way.

  7. Hey awesome videos bud you and I are thinking much alike! Just you have a lot more knowledge already, no doubt! Thanks for the educational content, brother. However I have a question. So, how do you water them? Does it rain so you dont have to worry about it or do you run piping? Or would you run piping if you had to and how would you do it best? #Stand proud stand strong for what's good!

  8. Hi bud, is it to late to start a grow? I'm in the UK down south and iv got a humbolt choc mint OG seed left from a few years ago. I'm thinking just in a pot in my garden. What do you think?

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