Outburst — November 1, 2019

This week “Outburst” asks Canadians: After one year, is marijuana legalization working? How do you feel Canada is viewed around the world? What are your …


  1. I have friends that get it from other people they know or they can trust , and people don't have to worry about the security issues when U buy it from a store .They do have camera's in the stores that take info & relay it for later data on consumption and commercialisation of their products , but at the same time it puts a security target issues on a client , so confidentiality is non-existant !!!!!

  2. Legalization really hasn't worked. It cost the government far too much to legalize it, and messed up with taxation. They should have looked a lot closer at the laws passed in Colorado where it was successful…as far as legalizing it yes I think it is a good idea.

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