1. This was an awesome video! I’m literally into all the things you mentioned. Fasting, Hardmode, cut out all hobbies to focus on my career and crypto for this year. I’ve been watching your crypto stuff and noticed you had some strong energy but didn’t know u were into Nofap.

  2. lol I did not know what no fap meant. That is amazing that you don't do that. It is definitely a great discipline. I believe masturbation opens doors to the demonic. Congrats and blessings!

  3. I’m not here for the business and is not my goal at all but I’m here for the philosophy and the way you explain things is just outstanding! I know already all this but every time I watch something from you I find something new in me which wasn’t there before! You are absolutely awesome Alex and I hope you will not read that post so , you can avoid the stupid boost of dopamine 😁

  4. I'm never going back to a normal way of life. Watching porn, masturbating and meaningless orgasms will never be on my radar ever again 🌹

  5. Worth noting that although is mostly empty house, the bones and structure of the beautifuly spacious apartment ia kept very pristinely clean, and elegant yet modest decor with decent lighting and decent performance work equipment.
    I belive in minimal living, has to be kept pristine though with decent lighting and preferably have decent space. Nice Video…thanks for uploading

  6. Have to control the tired part of your mind and ween off using wet dreams and not have the thought to do it when you wake up tired and have one , and you eventually stop having wet dreams

  7. You're a newbie, i am already godlike in this challange. I can keep my
    load for more than 50days. I'm like a camel in your nightmarish
    nofapdesert. I can be your mentor for 1 BTC/month and i promise there
    will be no more manticore riding temptations.

  8. You know he said about people must think that you have a horrible life for your unhappy or whatever A-ha quite the contrary man I was like this guy says he's got it going on cuz I share with you once before that when I downsized and empty my closet of all the 50,000 shirts that I don't need in a 50,000 pants that I don't need and just all that stuff you know downsizing became more happy I mean to just more fulfilled it's just the way it works and I can see it in your face I can see it in your attitude and your actions

  9. Recently I've been really interested in investing into cryptocurrency ,but It's strange how people talk about all the profits, they've been making through trading of bitcoin, while am here not making any profit at all. Please can Someone put me through on the right path or at least tell me what I'm doing wrong?

  10. Bro check out daring greatly or the gift of imperfection if your truly after a fulfilling wholesome life. Art,music,dancing,singing,laughing. Your after a fulfilling life why not learn to be a child again. Also I dare you to go to an ecstatic dance. Not so hit now with covid. You reminded me about of myself till 14:40 I was thinking your missing out greatest joys. I can see you practicing the miracle morning by Hal. Great videos thank you. Keep it up!

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