My Detailed Morning Skincare Routine 2020 | Skincare for Glowing Skin | Chetali Chadha

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  1. Thank you so much for sharing such beautiful tips and products. Is delivery of these products limited to your country only or is it international?

  2. Madam, you have good genes, a state of mind and a good lifestyle, please don't project to youngsters what they see on the screen is courtesy all these commercial formulations. You're tipping the kids off on a wild goose chase…Atleast mention the role of holistic living as a major contribution to appearances.

  3. Hi..I m big fan of your..please tell me some remedies..I m just 36..but have pigmentation over the nose…dark circle s started..and pores open should I get clear skin.

  4. Mam plzzzz show the review in detail of loreal paris revitalift 1.5% hyaluronic acid serum…is it good or bad for combination skin nd is that worthy to buy…plzzzz make the video soon…many YouTubers r showing negative review so I can surely trust ur genuine review abt the products….

  5. Hi… I am new mom.. and post delivery skin turned dull and I saw your video just 3 days ago.. and started following it.. and I am so excited to tell you that.. it's doing wonder on my face… I am just Loving it… But only concern is.. as the day passes it gets dull.. is it bcz of vitamin c serum?? I am using Prolixr vit c…. Please reply

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