So I have no clue how I convinced my mom to try cannabis but it happened lol… ENJOY!! GET THIS VIDEO TO 1000 LIKES IF YOU WANNA SEE MY MOM …


  1. Your mom is the definition of love and open mindedness <3 You can just feel the genuine bond and love you guys have for one another and it's absolutely beautiful. I was looking up recipes and somehow (luckily)this video popped up, she had me cracking up.

  2. Boys in florida you can get a pot card at any age I think but your face wont be on it it will be your care givers and you can only get edibles till your 21 lowest age ive seen someone with a pot card is 12

  3. Every generation thinks they are the first, they don't realise that us old folks have already been there done that, even if they say they never did, or act all straight, most people have done much more than they admit.

  4. That was awesome. Thanks for sharing. She was a good sport. I know my daughters would want me to try weed for the first time with them so they could record it. Maybe some day. Still illegal here, hopefully that will change soon. BTW I am 60 and have never tried.

  5. Man I used to tell my mom for years they should legalize weed. She'd always reply, "y como te gustaria si yo me fumara un porto?!" I live in Arizona so maybe one day I'll get to find out. If I do I'll try to film it your you all.

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