1. HI Dan!
    Any more videos in How to trade Options?
    I struggle on how to pick contracts and the concept of breakeven (call [ stk+p = b-even]) (put [stk-p = b-even])
    For example ACB
    On 11/26/19 I bought the Put 17Jan2020 strk 2 at $.24 (stock was $ 2.42) and Theta .00
    Today 12/25/19 (stock down to $1.99) and my contract is at $.24 and Theta. 00
    Why my contract didn't increase in value when Theta is .00? I thought Theta was the only reason why contrats loose value. Anyone Any Thoughts
    Thank you!!

  2. Hey man just want to say if I learn to become profitable , I'm gonna pay it back. I was an alert subscriber before but I had too poor an understanding to successfully use so I unsubscribed. Now I'm creating my own alerts and learning to do things on my own. Considering resubscribing to be a bigger part of the comunnity and hopefully benefitting from quicker information. Reguardless, I would've given up on trading/day trading if it wasn't for these and I look forward every day to your videos. I consider it college. I am a top poker player and have plenty of cash. So if I can actually learn to compound my money I'm set. I'll 100% pay it back . Ty for all this. Diamond in the rough

  3. No talk about the 12/26 ema cross on CGC anymore? Much talk about it in the past, but once it happened, no talk about it other than 1 mention. What are your thoughts?

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