1. "You want people to do more of something legalize it"
    so i should continue to take my medication?

    (this is not my medications side effects just talking in general)






    and here are the bigger side effects

    suicidal thoughts

    internal bleeding


    Marijuana is a plant it grows in the ground

    pills are manufactured

  2. I'm 21 I'm taking 7 different medications that cost alot of money, I have migraines, RA, depression and alot of other issues that causes alot of pain every single day. Indiana is just making so much money from lily and the medications that would lose them alot of profit if cannabis is legalized, they will use testing from the 80s or 90s as defense for keeping it illegal. Indiana officials are corrupt like most places and dont care about anything but garented profits for them

  3. Indiana has no problem raising our taxes. They had no problem being the state that raised the tobacco age asap. They will let their citizens drink themselves to death. They have no problem throwing pills at conditions that cause other conditions because they have a pill for that too. Depression is out of control in this country Indiana is not free from that count. Depression meds and anxiety meds have so many side effects that you will need other med to correct and some have shown they cause erreviseable brain damage. Prolonged use of pain medications causes damage to major organs. And don't even get me started on cancer meds. Indiana lawmakers clearly don't care what we want or what is right and fair. How much money is being given from drug companies to our political officials? I think Indiana needs all new political leaders. Recreational marijuana should be treated no different than alcohol. The damage from marijuana is so much less than alcohol. And growing it only helps our ozone.

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