1. I doubt there will be a shortage of THC yes maybe at dispensaries not mine yet think God lol but everyone knows someone who knows someone for flower n with flower you can make anything ya wish

  2. I agree but getting high is my medicine gives me an appetite helps me sleep i don't have pain but I'm 38 and been rec smoking since i was 13 haven't missed a day since i was 16 except a few times when i quit due to my extreme anxiety

  3. I stocked up too. Love your videos about helping your caregivers. Im in a wheelchair with 1 arm and 1 leg and i clean the kitchen almost every day. I know youre a flavor hound but i have been saving my " dab roach" instead of q tiping it. You sacrifice flavor but i feel e rigs dont vape all the dab like a torch rig does. I find that if i save my dab roach and load my next dab on top it goes a lot further. Something to think about when saving is the priority.

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