Magical Butter Machine Review

A review and overview of the Magical Butter Machine – Save 10% on your own at with our MagicalButter Coupon – Enter MAGICNOW10 at checkout!


  1. Great video. I got the machine but not yet have had the chance to make anything with it. Cant wait till my friends plants are ready to harvest. Wont be till july probably πŸ™

  2. this machine sucks doesn't stir enough doesn't it doesn't do anything he just sits there in a fucking big cup heating up doesn't stir enough you're fucking butter is going to suck do it double boiler style old skool with the fucking mason jar this machine is full of shit

  3. Here is a cool tip I use when I make butter, I use a lemon squeezer with my material balled up in cheesecloth and I squeeze the hell out of it, I get every drop of oil out of it.

  4. I can't get my head around why this is so fast in this machine.. I would normally infuse my cannabutter for like 24-36Hours in a crockpot and this machine infuse "in a decent way?" in 2 hours or so ?!?!??! HOW !

  5. Great vids, been watching them all… quick q if u don't mind.. now that you have and used both, which would u prefer the magic butter machine or the levo. Or maybe it's best to get another like (levo2) ? Thx….

  6. A couple of suggestions. After use rinse and add a couple cups of water. Put the top on and use the cleaning cycle then rinse and dry. The coconut oil is great for rubbing on painful joints but for cooking I'd use butter. It really adds to the taste of the finished product. Krusty's gluten free brownie mix is the best I've found in taste but add three eggs instead of the one on the directions. Use one half cup to one cup of cannabutter to the mix and perhaps a bit of water if too thick to spread in the pan. And don't overcook. Eat responsibly because it's hard not to eat the whole batch when it comes out of the oven.

  7. visible demonstration of product 10/10
    product review 10/10
    music background noise level 6/10
    full explanation of use, function and clean up of device 10/10
    using finished oil product in baking 10/10
    …. really nice to see start to finish. Great job.

  8. Very informative & thorough video! In others I've seen whole cannabis buds put in and wondered why they didn't grind them finer as you did expecting a more effective extract. Any comments?

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