1. Why don’t you do a video about Clemson testing dirty on three different players in the last year lou. Why’s know want to talk about that? But yet will Grier was front page news to the entrie world for a week!! I guess no one cares about the all cup cake league!

  2. Hope you enjoyed your quick stop in Auburn uncle lou! Definitely a lot more alive during the normal school year but either way glad you got to check it out.

    War Eagle of course

  3. Uncle lou: I'm in bama now they dont have any barner peppers not laced with cayenne pepper tonight in my hotel room

    Auburnman hunh: I've got plenty take me for a ride in that stang we gotta test drive it 🌶🌶🌶

  4. Wow! You’re famous bro! Why do they call that area Toomer’s Weed? What’s a Toomer’s Weed and do you smoke it?

    Edit: ok, it’s called Toomer’s Corner. But do they smoke Toomer’s weed there?

  5. Is it just me or does it seem weird to throw toilet paper onto a tree? Wouldnt that be similar to throwing a corpse on a living being? Just thinking out loud

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