Long Term Investing vs. Day Trading – Check Out Heckler at 29 Minutes

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  1. Tim you're really patient ! and that u didn't hit the dude who talked at the end is the Proof of your honesty !!!! I barely hit the screen !!

  2. Honestly if you able to stand in front of an audience giving an interview where the interviewer continuously tries to go against you and someone cracked the shit etc and your not shaking or moving back from your point how they can’t see your real, comfortable and successful on your way I think both ways can work

  3. he wasn't there to interview you or learn anything,all his interview questions were structured in a way to show how much percentage of idiot you are and easy money trader as they to retail investors in wall street are.Man you need to really look into what kind of people you getting yourself into with.Reddit wallstreet bets shove their ego up in their asses and took some nice muti billions outta thier asses.Playing fields are leveled off now.Game on !

  4. Wow,, TIm , I loved your level coolness when we all could clearly see them and the host trying to mock you with petty comments / insults. You always rebutted them with facts, proper answers, truth and it really showed passion. I hope people realised that and are open to ideas and teachings you want to share. I actually appreciated your debate style

  5. This is the 3rd time watching this interview Tim you crack me up so much. "Get the f*** out" and the interviewer's facial expression is priceless. Did you end up getting him to come around privately? he seemed to be pretty judgmental throughout.

  6. What an amazing amazing video. Tim, you speak so well and the Interviewer was dumbfounded by your eloquence; not just eloquence but how you walk your talk. I was mixed up between what is better. Long Term Investment or Day Trading /Swing Trading. I tried both. Had Profit in both but I liked the Day Trading much more for no reason and I was restless as to why. Now I got the answer. Its my personality type. Thanks for putting it to rest.

  7. People will believe what they want to be true. Day trading for a living is glamorous, seems easy, and seems lucrative. Most will fail to outperform the market. Data says less than 1% will beat the market day trading.

    Personally, I'm a skeptic. Isn't it funny how all the supposedly successful day traders are people that seemingly nobody has heard of and has lots of marketing dollars and are often charismatic speakers that sell courses?

    While proven successful investors like Warren Buffet, Peter Lynch do not sell courses? I'll admit, mr. Lynch does sell books and for all I know maybe mr. Buffet does too, but there is always a distinct difference between these 2 types of investor/traders and it always seems (to me) like the investors have less to prove while the traders seem in your face and always sell how successful they are. The message is often the same – they want to share the wealth and help people…if only the world seriously had so many people that wanted to donate their time and effort to helping others to this degree, yet they seem to be everywhere when it comes to day trading.

    Just visited Timothy's website, which looks like a gigantic commercial. I'm just saying it like I see it, you don't have to agree. And Timothy claims he shows every trade and all his tax returns. Well, so where are they? I looked, and they certainly are not easy to find on his website anyway.

    I don't doubt Tim is wealthy, I mean with this much charisma and marketing a paid-for course. Now I could be wrong, but usually the seemingly successful traders actually make their money selling their courses. I saw the numbers on the site and many years this guy is claiming to have made over 100% in profit. If someone did that for 10 years you can turn 1 million dollars into 1 billion dollars and would be one of the richest people on the planet. The math just doesn't add up.

    So, I continue to be a skeptic. This just felt like a giant infomercial to me. But it was interesting!

  8. Ya, that first guy that spoke was , well, in my opinion was being really mean! He like, skared me! I was wondering whether or not he wanted ta like duke it out with ya er Sumthen…!?!? Ouch…..!

  9. Tim you handled they heckler awesome. Great to see the open minded communication. SO many people are, like that guy, hateful when it comes to different ideas or beliefs.

  10. Hi, Tim! This Duane. I very upset about this guy that was interviewing you! I have been watching your videos for a long time! You have been very real about what it takes to trade penny stocks. And you have been real about what takes become a millionaire trading penny stocks! Like the last guy said you can use your style which is to make money in the short term and you can use the interviewer style and make money in the long term! He did listen you, he was very stuck on the drug lords, strippers, and what type of cars that you drive. Tim, You have work too hard (over 20 plus) years to reach the mass public; that trading penny stocks the right way can make you rich over time.

  11. Did that heckler just shoved a giant jar of peanut butter on his ass before coming at you?? I mean, why can't they be a bit more open minded of the possibilities that there MIGHT be a more efficient way to produce ROI in the markets?? Isn't that WHY we do it at all? whether day trading or Long term investment, as long as there's consistent results at the end of the day who gives a shit??

  12. The point he, the heckler, was missing was these are two different strategies, but one can also be a "hybrid." So, while the guy had on his blinders, newbies should learn about different strategies and navigate to the best strategy for them. Trading is not for everyone. It doesn't have to be. Conversely, long term investing may also not be for everyone as it commits resources for what could be years… So, bottom line, find your best fit that works for you, your lifestyle, your age bracket, and what you are trying to accomplish, etc. The title of the video says it all. Choose your preference or a hybrid of both.

  13. The idiot who dissed Tim is a freaking Balloon head. The so call long term investing to me is more dangerous that trying to pick stocks with a paper bag over my head and with no information.

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