1. I've had many a migraines in my life, if a Pepsi n 800mg of ibuprofen n a dark room didnt fix it. I either drove myself or had someone else drive me to the hospital/clinic for a "migraine cocktail" or straight up toridol. Problem solved.

  2. Maybe it’s because I’ve had migraines my entire life. But I don’t understand calling an ambulance for a headache that lasted an hour.
    I ended up going to the ER once for a migraine. Had my husband drive me. However I didn’t go until I was on day 3 or 4 of a constant migraine.

    Seems crazy to me, to rack up an ambulance bill for a migraine period let alone one that’s lasted an hour

  3. this is actually where i wish first responders knew more about stoners, u can totally smoke 4 blunts or more a day for years and be totally fine, to chock her headache up to the weed is risking overlooking a potentially serious medical problem that may be occuring

  4. When you smoke bad weed (not laced) from some rando, you get paranoid and possibly think you need help or like the high will never end. Smoke really good week, like medical marijuana, you have a nice time and dont totally feel anxious.

  5. has happened to me before ive smoked with my brother and he got mad high but i didnt i just got mad sick . people have different reactions to weed some may not affect you the way they affect other

  6. A migraine? Lol I get migraines so bad I have to sit in a dark room with no sound for 8+ hours at a time. If she can talk, walk and be around lights she is being a baby.

  7. Maybe just stop smoking illegal drugs and you'll feel better….. I really do not understand anyone who takes drugs that haven't been prescribed to them by a medical professional for a genuine condition. Yet they all act like it's completely normal to sit around smoking weed all the time. Someone should tell them it isn't normal, and actually one of the side effects of marijuana is paranoia, so maybe that's playing into her symptoms too and making her more anxious. What a waste of public money. I have always believed that if you can't enjoy the world enough without taking drugs, then there's something wrong with you.

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