Link’s Strange Physical Therapy Visit

An odd rib injury leads to a strange but enlightening physical therapy session. R&L discuss Link’s new interest as well as dive into many other bizarre interests …


  1. 48:18, Americans always forget that Canadians also spell things with U’s, colour, flavour, neighbour, favour ! But after all Canada has had a huge impact on Britain throughout the majority of our history

  2. Its so sad to hear Rhett know so little about the back knowing he's had so many back problems, makes me think the medical staff in the US are not really amazing about it

  3. rhett: yall (link and his wife) have never showered together??

    link: well.. rhett when we shower together, it's not much about…. getting clean. in fact, it's quite the opposite

    LINK NEAL!! HAHAHAHAHHAHAHHAHAAHAHAAHHAH that cracked me up so much oh god and i was just listening to this in the background, but when i replayed to look at their expressions, it was pricless! HAHAHAH

  4. I cant touch my boobs now that I'm pregnant because I looked up what the inside of my boobs looks like… and it makes me queasy… I used to love boobies…😳🥺

  5. I have been to a chiropractor who told me there was nothing that she could do for me. She assessed that I needed muscle strengthening and recommended that I regularly use a resistance band. She didn’t try to sell me one, either. I know what she said about my body to be true, so I do believe that there are credible chiropractors out there.

  6. As a physiotherapist myself: Link ignore Rhett, mental and physical therapy are massively linked. Being okay touching the rib is not to facilitate "pushing it back in" but to change your brain's perception of that rib and making its "abnormalities" normal which will stop your brain sending pain messages related to this rib which should not cos you pain years later.
    Rhett pain does not equal damage, pain is an emotion.

  7. I don't know if my university was weird or not, but my anatomy class had a real articulated human skeleton and a ton of disarticulated bones that we were encouraged to hold and examine to learn the bones. If you want to hold bones all you have to do is enroll in an anatomy lab, boys

  8. Rhett, the fact that you don’t “believe” in washing your entire body makes a lot of sense when you shit on traditional medicine. Just because you may disagree with something doesn’t make it wrong. Chiropractors are medical doctors that know a lot more about the human body than you do. Just because you think it’s sus that most people are “out of alignment” doesn’t mean it’s not a real thing. So frustrating when you belittle traditional medicine, disagree with your doctors, say you don’t need to take your meds/do what’s prescribed, etc. People look up to you and are going to mimic you.

  9. My dad bought an old VW bus with a lot of trash in the back. There was a plastic bag and when he opened it up, to his horror, he discovered there was a human skull in it. He called up the old owner and apperantly he was an old biology professor and had FORGOTTEN about the human skull in the back of the truck. The skull had some pencil marks on it and you could see it had been glued back together at one spot. The previous owner doesn't want it back and lives very far away so my dad still has it and doesn't know what to do with it lol. It's still in the plastic bag in my dad's shed 😂

  10. My spine joint popped out of place thanks to hypermobility a couple of years ago. Worst pain ever. Deep tissue massage and physio = life savers for me. Also picked up a heating pad for my back.

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