1. What about all the unknowns formed during isomerization? The GC tests also show that delta 9 is present in higher quantities than previously believed. as in federally illegal.

  2. I am currently vaping a 1:1 delta 8 and delta 9 called grape inferno that I got from Trulieve here in Florida. I have been a medical marijuana patient for 4 years. This combination has given me great relief both physically and mentally.

  3. I love delta 8. Best way I can explain it is like this, delta 8 has all the good effects of delta 9 without any of the paranoia or panic attacks.

  4. I bought a brand called stra8. They are 20 mg gummies and boy do they work well lol took 2 hours to kick in .. I deff felt like I smoked but it wasn’t as intense .. had maybe a tiny bit of paranoia but was deff not bad at all .. also haven’t smoked in a while so there is that too lol .. I got them from a local vape / CBD dispensary near me

  5. Use it everyday now. Walk into a store, buy some gummies, walk out. Its efficient, effective and legal. My productivity is higher and my anxiety is practically gone. It does the same thing Delta9 THC does, its just legal.

  6. Thank you President Trump for legalizing delta 8 and cbd when you signed the farm bill. God Bless you! All these years and nothing got done until Trump signed the hemp farm bill! The media is corrupt and I don’t believe anything these people say and they lied for years to us about marijuana.

  7. delta 8 is way stronger than i expected and when she said"delta 8 feels like delta 8" that is sadly the best way to say it. Delta 8 is different from both CBD and ^ 9 THC.

    the effects are rather awake forsure, its a clean stimulated focused feeling, but you should expect a cerebral lift forsure guys.

  8. I have been using delta 8 for a few months now and I noticed it helped with my add. Since then I have decided to stop taking my adderall which I have been on since childhood. So far I have had no issues focusing and staying on task at work. But my only advise is if you're going to try delta 8, a little goes a long way. Thank you Vero for the very informative explanation of Delta 8

  9. It truly is a great feeling 💜 I actually reviewed a delta 8 thc vape in my channel. Is there delta 8 thc flower? Thank you for the video!

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