LA's Best Marijuana Strains – 4/20, 2020 – Top 30 Weed strains

LA’s Best Marijuana Strains – 4/20, 2020 – Top 30 Weed strains Strain Review Strains include: 1) Mac 1 – by Indoor Organic Gardens …


  1. Well done some great brands and strains. You hit some of best places in LA … is there a reason no prices and was everything indoor because a few of the companies Alien labs and connected grow indoor outdoor and greenhouse thanks

  2. Four strains from Boulder, CO dispensary 14er that are amazing are: MAC, Chem de la Chem, Wedding Cake, and GMO Cookies. Also… had some Tropicanna live rosin… 🔥🔥🔥

  3. Good morning just found Kings Garden | Hasidic Grape (Kosher Kush X Grape 🍇 Pie) at 29.01% in Berkeley (storefront) and found Big Al’s Plushers (it’s just a bottle Doc and not a fresh pack like yours so idk if it’s the same (delivery- so don’t want to risk it haven’t bought from them before) lastly no IOG MAC 1 to be found I think I might try the Hasidic Grapes first what would you compare it to if you had to from strains you have shared in your vids in anticipation? Thank you as all ways.

  4. Is there any chance you could make a video on alien labs milkyway? I'm currently stuck between purchasing pink picasso or milkyway and was wondering if you could be of any help bro 👊🏽

  5. The top 3 have been on my radar daily and no luck yet but can’t wait until I do run into some. Had Cannitique Lemon Cherry Gelato at 31% and BB Cruffin delivery today which you recommended and they did not disappoint thanks 🙏

  6. Great review alot of heavy strains i love it💪 i still havent ran into jack hearer and Columbian cookies tho im on the hunt! Today i grabbed pink runtz and cake mix

  7. love the amber, love the gelonade for flavor, but yeah that Mac 1 is definitely a winner, good taste, super euphoric high, enjoy it man, I've been keeping my last 2 grams of it stashed away with some rosin haha

  8. Just imagine if you made this list from 2000-2018, I think the list would have way better flowers. I went to a few shops today couldn't find anything. I'm just too picky, plus all the add on $ the shops are asking for it just isn't worth it for me.

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