1. Thank you for this refocus video! I think my little bit of Nutpods or Almond milk is taking me out of fasting. Gonna be stronger this week to wait and enjoy coffee after fasting time. Have been struggling with cutoff time. I also got the PK base and it was brutal at first, flavor wise, in my coffee. Now I enjoy it and helps with fasting. Blessings & KETO-ON…be it clean, lazy or dirty.

  2. I just started this diet called Activate Metabolics and i take supplements b12 and weight loss body cleanse etc .. With Intermittent fasting from 8 to 12 i started May 11 at 324 and to this day ..Day 18 i am 308 but i have a Hypothyroid and i have done nothing but veges 2 cups 4 to 5 oz of meat and 1 cup of fruit… 2 times a day…but i was told not to exercise what is your opinion with the success you have had on no exercise…

  3. I had the chocolate base and omg I couldn’t do it. Such a weird sickly sweet flavor… I found the one that’s got the brain enhancer in it had much better flavor. The nootropic.

  4. For sure!! 16:40 16:45 just like on any other diet you wouldn't go grab a snickers and a bag of Doritos everyday. I could see once a week maybe so yea on keto as well even if the snack is keto friendly its doesn't mean eat as much as you want everyday. Be careful. It can hold you back

  5. Isn't it amazing that when you are strict and clean as possible that the wt and fat come off? You are really embracing the intermittent fasting and it shows. And being consistent at workouts is impressive too, especially during these times. I love the fasting too. Im doing carnivore right now which works best for me, but either way we're killin it! I started the apple cider vinegar caps a couple weeks ago and I love it. I just couldn't get that disgusting liquid down. You had guts girl. Hope you had a great mom's day with your beautiful girls and hubby. So keep rockin it Daniela and we'll keep watching and cheering you on!

  6. Hey question…
    I've got a scale, but how do I know how much things are supposed to weigh if I'm not following a recipe? Say I'm having a chicken breast and broccoli. How do I know how much it should weigh for a correct amount? I know portion control is my stalling factor right now.

  7. Hope you had an awesome Mother's Day. I always enjoy watching your video's! I like your Keyo coffee with the Chocolate keto. I LOVE Hazelnut coffee. Will you please suggest that flavor? They have Vanilla, chocolate, and lemon . So why not Hazelnut? Thanks for listening.

  8. Thanks for the encouragement. I really needed to hear this! Appreciate your honesty and straightforwardness. I want the truth and not someone to make it easier because I'm serious about my weight loss journey. You are looking beautiful and the recent weight loss is visible.

  9. hey I was doing great until the family starts coming around and I definitely kicked myself out of ketosis. I've been doing the 16:8 fast as well and who am I kidding, I've been drinking bulletproof coffee every day. I've heard that it doesn't kick you out of ketosis but In the back of my mind I some how know that I'm cheating myself. Guess I need to stop to start seeing some results hahha.

  10. Sorry if this is wrong to say, or sounds bad. But I wasn't sure i was going to like you or your way of doing keto…. I'm now on my 10th video loving everything you're saying! I'm like "speak to me woman"!! You look great, thank you for the information!

  11. I haven’t been keto, low carb or IF in months now and this quarantine has really done me in and I have gained weight due to eating whatever and no longer exercising.. Today is my first day back fasting and low carb.

  12. Keto MOJO works with insurance? Whaaaaaat! Game changer. I'll have to look into that, cause these pee strips are not accurate I don't think.
    Also, I just realized you're from Oak Lawn. I'm from Lockport ayeeee 😝

  13. I agree with 100% I was fasting under my rules as well. I was drinking heavy whipping cream in my coffee and doing one meal a day and I wasn't gaining but I also wasn't losing I finally decided I have to change and now I fasting and drink only water and now I'm finally seeing results. I've been doing keto since July 2018 and you video is very helpful bc many keto u tubers don't mention even a little of something can stop progress doing a fast. Thank u and happy.mothers day.

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