Kenny Sebastian – Why dating your friends is a bad idea

Kenny answers a question from an viewer about dating friends. He goes in depth about why its a terrible idea and proceeds to get a little too honest about his …


  1. Well thats jst Kenny's opinion and point of view. Yes to some extent its true, but in my circle most of them are in love with the friends, had ups and downs, friends help them sail through those times and i should say most of them are happily married, and yes there were few fails, but Its about how committed you are.. And ya.. i jst took to next level than jst dating.. as we were unaware or not comfortable with the idea of "dating", there was no trial and error thing, its a commitment straight away..

    well all the best for those guys who are committed to their frnds.. jst dont give up during bad times.. it does work..(provided u deal with it maturedly)

  2. My boyfriend dated his childhood best friend for 4 years and they are still friends (fight every now and then.. but somehow they’re still friends). I don’t like her though. I mean, obviously πŸ™„

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