Jorge Nava Reveals Weight Loss Secrets: Here's How I Got Hot!

90 Day Fiance fans are reeling this month after Jorge Nava’s dramatic body transformation. It’s weird to say it, but … prison looks good on him. Now, Jorge has …


  1. And now, Anfisa has left him for another man! I knew she would. She stayed with him long enough to get her permanent green card. It worked out to her advantage that Jorge was sentenced to 2 and a half years in prison. She got her green card and didn't have to spend two to three years married to someone that she truly didn't love. At least now Jorge can focus himself and making his life better when he is released this Summer.

  2. 0:49 woooow if he's working out thats good & Not Havn his food taken . . . ! regardless he looks good & it def looks Healthy on him & He looks Happy hopefully he's learning some discipline & whatever manly attributes he couldn't learn when he was unhealthy running after love/ this girl . . .Um sure he's Sooooo Motivated to want to work out as it said . . If he's Not Havn his food taken – Maaaaaan I was fighting with the television screen wondering whyyyyyy he wasn't usn/so spending his Money that he is said to have to loose weight oppose to tryn to by love killn hiself bn so materialistic tryn to keep what did Not appear to be for him . . .Nice . . . I Hope he's her problem Now lol but she's smart . . as she said he's jus as wrong as her he was basically with her for her looks & she was with him for his Money so she wasn't the only 1 to blame . . . Wow um so happy for him . . . !

  3. Yeah! This just put the biggest smile on my face. I know he will be more masculine when he comes out, and the idea of him just straight up making Anfisa Submit to him gives me some hope for humanity.

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