Jah Cure, Ding Dong, Footloose, Sandz, – Onstage September 7 2019

Jah Cure’s latest album features some of the biggest names in international music, and given the timeliness of its release it begs the question. Is Jah Cure taking …


  1. Winford as a grand father to most of the young artist you interview I notice you nor none of the artist don't make it know that it is not all of who try the music business make it i understand you are showing and talking to the ones that make it but they are all giving the impression that the geto youth can all get out only by music. Your videos and interviews are brilliant and for some one who left JA from in the 60s its good to see so much talent emerging from there the music they make is not my kind of music but good luck to them

  2. He needs to speak to the youth and men of Jamaica and tell them to Stop Raping and it isn't GOOD! Now that he has the platform as a person that has been in their shoes as a rapist.

  3. aint no artist should talk about each other because there all gays and bow cat….. jah cure come over here in switzerland a roll around with pure gays and then in jamaica hes a what legend wtf is jamaica culture gay now

  4. She said it herself, permit said 2am. And the police was enforcing exactly that.
    She should compensate the patrons but I wouldn't hold my breath. Most if not all jamaican promoters are all about the money.
    Same thing in the states. Them take the money and run after the BS.

  5. VYBZ KARTEL and NINJA MAN is been incarcerated by the illegal slave master Caucasian laws it's not the indigenous laws of nature and that's the truth the whole truth and nothing but the truth CULTURE VULTURES JAH don't lie.

  6. Why why African indigenous people worried about the grammys it's a Caucasian award the Oscars it's a Caucasian awards it's nothing to do with you you if you get it you get it if you don't it don't matter what matters is the people that's your reward stop complaining and keep it moving your embarrising too many egos.

  7. Indigenous African nubians people never own the Caribbean islands they are still property off the Colonial slave masters and when you have a birth certificate you are not indigenous no more you are there property they owned you u are never free so they laws illegal laws or your laws so what you see see on the islands the corruption the abuse it's coming from the Colonial slave masters if Africa Unite Nubian Africans indigenous people will be free !

  8. The LAWS of Jamaica is colonial law is Caucasian European law from England and America it's economic sacrilege on African indigenous Nubian people it's not the law of nature it's illegal they are CULTURE VULTURES and that's the truth the whole truth and nothing but the truth to all you haters JAH don't lie ya dig.

  9. There is s word call discretion some a uno police too BC miserable why uno wife give uno bun and some a uno loney. There is no incidents that happen @ the venue let the patron full joy themselves and go look for your criminal rogue cop friends, what is this fight against the music. Everything them fight other countries embrace our culture SMFH.

  10. Ding Dong and di Ravers Crew a true music Warriors,why.. because dem come from NannyVille Gardens..di only community in Jamaica dat is named after a National Hero/Maroon Warrior Nanny..🇯🇲❤️💛💚🇬🇳🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  11. Jah cure from a rasta stand point you are going to get that grammy because you have earn it winford williams thanks and much love you have every good artise on your belt nice nice.

  12. Ding dong I don't know if you're gonna see this my Brother but I'll say this anyway, you are what dance…hall culture is, I wish we had more artist like you. Enough with the gun and vulgarity. People can play your tunes in their cars with their families and enjoy them. Keep doing what you're Bro.

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