Is WEED Legal In GERMANY? 🚬 The Drug Law And Public Opinion 🍁 Get Germanized

Is weed legal in Germany? What does the law say about producing, selling, buying or consuming it? Find out about German drug/weed law and the public …


  1. wah germay juga sudah me legalkan ganja

    mengapa karena ganja dapat memperbaiki sel otak
    dan mempervaiki pembulu darah tubuh

    di indonesia malah di balikan merusak sel otak

    dan merusak sel darah tubuh

    walau saya tdk memakai ganja tetapi semua negara sudah tdk melarang ganja

    In case you weren't aware organized crime plays a BIG part in Germany's weed trade. They've begun selling "Green Crack", which is low grade herb that is sprayed with synthetic cannabinoids. These chemicals make the smoker become physically addicted (like a crackhead). About 85-90% of all "Haze" or "Cush" in Germany has been tainted.
    (YES, I live in Germany)

  3. Last time I was in Amsterdam I swear I see no fights on the roads so I think it’s just because of the weed that makes people calm … not like alcohol … weed is way better then alcohol

  4. Every second person smoke a joint of not today then once a week if not week then once a month but they do … but Germany still not legalize it … only reason they love to fine people here and make money I think half of their money coming from giving fine to people here … doesn’t make sense to me

  5. They are not legalize it because they making all to much money by controlling people and giving them fine even know they know everyone is smoking … if you find someone to buy from so it means government is failed to stopped cannabis coming in country while they failed their job how can they fine people who smoking .. first do your job properly… this is all drama in Germany joke

  6. I have observed that people who drinks alcohol are much more aggressive as compared to the stoner.
    Stoners always be cam and enjoy the moment where alcoholics show anger, emotions

  7. I've got caught with 1.6 grams of marihuana in my Wohnung and now i receive a lether from police saying that i have to show up in 2 weeks in they're office. Dont know what to expect. Please help me with an answer danke schon

  8. Dont listen to this guy i live in germany even if u just smoke a little bit or have maybe 1gramm with u u lose your driver license even if u dont drive fucked up laws wwe have here and hey actually 51 percent are for legalization

  9. It's been 2 years since this video was uploaded… as of today,June 27,2020… I feel Germany ,as a whole, has become alot more liberal towards the idea of the legalisation of cannabis.

  10. I live in Milan Italy, and here we smoke weed actually everywere and we have the highest cocaine consumption rate in Europe. The high usage modified our perception of weed (cocaine is considered a luxury thing but to me is pretty stupid and senseless), but weed is perceived almost normal and legal.
    From my experience in Germani (especially in Frankfurt and in Berlin), really a lot of people smoke weed and it’s very easy to find lol
    I’m 20 years old and i start smoking weed when i was 15, so it’s been 5 years and i smoke a lot, and the effects that has on my body and my mind changed with time. At the beginning i laughed a lot, and i felt really stoned, now i just feel relaxed and chill, and positive towards everything and everyone, but in a conscious. The effect changes a lot depending on what you are actually smoking: if you smoke hash you get relaxed and it’s ideal to smoke before sleeping, and if you smoke weed you get more active if it’s sativa (you are even more focused on work and more productive) and if it’s indica you get more “stoned” and relaxed, but smoking weed, for what concerns me, it’s just adding a special color to my daily routine, and makes me feel better, even if i smoke if everyday 🙂

  11. if you had a bad "trip" on cannabis did you really smoke crack or flakka? Because weed doesn't make you feel paranoid except if you smoke too much for your tolerance, and even then it's your own fault. MY OPINION

  12. I’m from the USA 🇺🇸 but I live in Vienna Austria 🇦🇹 and my german isn’t so good but how do I find a plug here it’s so hard to find weed here in Vienna

  13. It legal here in US Washington State. Ive been smoking 20 yrs. Many of my friends smoked much longer. Studies show much higher IQs and less depression. Any autoimmune issues can be address by THC and CBD. I dont know where you getting your info.

  14. I finally got a legit plug from Los Angeles California, I just received my weed yesterday evening thanks for the recommendation, contact him if interested. wickr// kallywayn

  15. Here in Italy we have a big culture for smoking as we are not so drunkards like Germans 🙂
    And we don't even hide so much…
    it seem that legal weed is becoming tolerated in many EU countries just ignorant politicians like Salvini want to close growshops to get votes from stuffy granny to rise the power what a shame!!

  16. we have a PROHIBITION ,, because of misguided political AMERICA.. who pushes it's problems onto the world.. BURN IN HELL , Harry Anslnger & Richard Nixon.. your legacy of stupidity & intolerance has damaged countless lives .. TIME TO MOVE ON …. HUMANITY … death penalty ….. WHY … does anyone THINK any more .. ???

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