1. Just bought a Dynavap recently, can't wait to try it. I'm happy to see that you say it's the best flavour you've experimented. I already had several battery vaporizers, the effect is generally kinda loud and way less happy than while smoking of using gas vaporizers (may be due to the electric heating). Furthermore it's so boring to have to wait until the battery gets reloaded lol. I had great time with gas vaporizers, but then I got interested into materials and, sadly, most vaporizers (including highly praised Vulcano) contrain some toxic metals like aluminium, which is crap because when the vapor (which contains humidity) gets hot the aluminium can potentially go through it by corrosion, eventually intoxicating the person. Materials like aluminium are known to be potentially responsible of diseases like Alzheimer (through cooking into aluminium ustentils for example).

    Dynavap only use as metals some medical grade stainless steel or titanium, the only metals highly resistant to corrosion as far as I know. I'm not trusting much low quality stainless steel of other vaporizers. No other vaping company respect those criterias so well it seems, and I've been searching for it trust me. Combinated with the fact they are battery free ( = happy high), I honnestly think it's the healthiest and easiest option to get high (unless you wanna dab may be, using a top quality glass and not burning the oil, but it's basically the same thing). May be I sound a bit paranoid with that topic, but I've had and know some people who had health problems potentially due to heavy metal and know that it's better to stay prudent.

    Anyway I'm happy to just discovered your channel, you put some nice and conscious content. Concerning the harm it does to smoke weed that is a pure evidence, but the good news is that cannabis contain anti-cancer substance that apparently helps combustion to be less nocive. You can check on the internet, there were some studies showing that smoking rolled cigarettes in spite of weed was way worse for the lungs, and it sounds pretty logicall considering people smoking huge huge amounts of weed are still healthy enough, despite having burnt ounces and ounces into ashes… I know some of these people, you surely know some too LMAO. Peace out.

  2. IN A COUPLE YEARS THEY WILL TURN WEED INTO SOMETHING BAD LIKE THEY DO WITH ALL MEDICINES ONCE THEY GET IT IN THEIR HANDS….thats why they are legalizing it…or maybe im just high but they have done that

  3. If marijuana has bad side effects and if ur brain stops growing at 24 why is it legal at 21 that is kind da dumb man honestly i smoke weed tho sooooo idk just a thought

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