Inside Planet 13, the world’s largest cannabis dispensary

We got a backstage tour into the world’s largest cannabis dispensary, just blocks away from the Las Vegas strip. TechCrunch is a leading technology media …


  1. Are you ready for to overpay, wait in line after line?
    Ready to have 4 different people check your ID while they are 20 feet apart?
    Do you like to have armed security with guns, bulletproof vests, knuckle duster gloves consistently barking orders at customers, giving off strong intimidation vibes?
    They got up in my friends business for smoking a tobacco cigarette outside in the parking lot because they have a rule about not using their product on the property. But can’t tell a cigarette from a joint without walking up questioning and restating their rules which were pushed like COVID announcements in a grocery store.
    The products were fine, overpriced absolutely but still good product. Had every local I asked say the place is crazy overpriced.
    The whole atmosphere of the place felt so fake and heavy handed controlled. This place reeks of tourist trap.
    Not recommended, you can get quality product at lesser prices without feeling so harassed.

  2. This place seems like a fun time, but I'm concerned about the selection, given my profound displeasure with NuWu Cannabis Marketplace had ONLY HYBRID marijuana. No sale for me, bye bye.

  3. Satan literally walks the grounds of this place daily. So many deceived. I used to smoke this crap before I had my eyes opened to its great evil. This place in insidious.

  4. Meanwhile many many people are incarcerated for marijuana offenses.
    There is undoubtedly different realities between the races. unfuckin real. The fuckin feds need to step in and free EVERYONE in jail for MJ.


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