Indian smokes High Grade THC Oil for the First Time (w/ DakotaWint)

Indian cafe owner smokes high grade THC oil, a couple tiers above what he’s used to in India. Use PROMO “yourmatetom” for 10% off at …


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  2. What your are doing is illegal, as you have brought oil to Indian through customs.. I m going to report this to the authorities ..
    And by the way India has the best weed it's just that you are completely dumb to find it …..

  3. Indians seem like such great and friendly people. I'd love to visit. It's such a shame that so many of them pour waste onto the ground and destroy their own environment, not to even mention the government of India that has no respect for their non-Hindu population.

  4. The ' shit ' that people smoke around here in India is literally Shit!
    India is supposed to have a relatively huge population of people who smoke Ganja ( weed) but apart from the famous ' Manali cream ' I wouldn't bother with the rest of the " Maal " available here.
    It's no surprise hearing foreigners mention how one could possibly enjoy and get high on such low quality crap.

  5. "a store does it" Bruh you could explain that it's co2 disstilate and that it's a distillation of cannabis oil making it around 90% or just say what %because why would you not known?

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