1. We had a lot of frogs in a Prospect Park Brooklyn NY until they start to spray a shit to kill all mosquitoes. Now a bull frogs only left.

  2. Curious if these vernal pools are possible habitats for ovoid mushrooms? Have wanted to observe this Psilocybe fungi for sometime. Am familiar with these pools and the male wood frogs with their males making their clacking sounds within them along the C&O canal running parallel to the Potomac river on the Maryland side.
    I love your videos, your knowledge is such a great resource on the Internet. Look forward to each new one you provide the world's people. The latest about the Pilated family was such a treat! How sad that the Ivory Bill passed out of existence…

    I love our world, you provide such vital and valuable insight into it. Hopefully guiding all other people to treasure it as well, Thank You. Thank You.

  3. Hi Adam! I appreciate your love and perspective and willingness to bring to light the wonders of nature for the many people who patronize your channel! I wanted to suggest an alternative name for "hibernation" in this context; "brumation" is the equivalent of hibernation for cold- blooded animals. Thank you for producing such enthusiastic and educational content (it makes it so much easier to digest), I have learned so much about fungi from you. – Kevin

  4. Funny story.These frogs sound alot like raccoons towards the evening. They come out late may in my part of the world. So, I hear/see this girl with her dog running crazy scared and she says "Omg there's something in the woods!! be careful."
    I was so surprised by her I didn't have the heart to tell her they were just frogs, calling to their mates.

    Totally love your channel. The best thing on the internet.

  5. its so important to restore marsh lands n riparian river zones. life is a delicate balance controlled by Mother Nature. also vital to understand the diff btwn ''conservation'' n 'preservation'' they can be competing intentions. MOST importantly we rejoin 'nature'' not be forced to deal with consequences of ignoring the human foot print.

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