I Smoke Weed Everyday | Being A Responsible Stoner

In this video I talk about my favorite drug, marijuana. I talk about my daily cannabis use over the last 3 years and why I smoke it every day. I evaluate what it …


  1. The only side affect I got after a while was I realized I wasn’t putting any effort into my relationships and letting my connections with people drift away. It’s safe to say I let some bad influences go but smoking everyday eventually made me antisocial, but it’s gotten better since I’ve cut down to one sesh a day.

  2. Thanks my dude! Very respectable perspective on the topic, I was wondering which type of weed you prefer to intake. Sativa or Indica? Any particular strain? Or do you even differentiate?

  3. Lmfao your first person I know besides myself that’s weighs out every smoke a lot of people look at me weird but I’m so use to it and like you said makes it easy to keep track of what you have

  4. First I started smoking cus my friends smoked and I genuinely enjoyed being stoned and felt relaxed maybe a year or two smoking every so often I began to take interest in smoking alone usually bowls cus I didn’t know how to roll or split a blunt to fill and smoke but just here and there id find myself smoking alone. As I hang with my buddies more so often I find out they have this dependance on it and frequently they tell me how I can go multiple days without smoking (I never really thought about it or craved it). Right until possibly the third year I began hanging with multiple groups of stoners some people who liked to party and here is when I noticed I smoked almost every day. I began rolling my own blunts a few joints here and there along with experimenting with bongs then later dabbing. It really quickly went from recreational to if I didn’t smoke weed I felt like I didn’t feel myself or in an altered mindstate I felt depressed without it or with it. More so I felt like I began abusing it and smoked b/c I was sort of in a dark place and a few times I had paranoid / panic attacks but hardly ever. Just recently I stopped smoking for a good two months I’d say maybe threee definitely noticed my dreams became more vivid , I was able to taste more (if that makes sense), and I even had more clarity! Compared to being foggy minded and forgetful from being naked every day or so and I actually like this state of mind I’ve come across from this break I may decide to smoke it but I feel like I don’t really need to or want to atm in my life. Hope this helps anyone if they notice they’re abusing it cus i wouldn’t recommend it and as this video greatly explains portion control! Thanks for sharing.

  5. Any thoughts on CHS? I haven’t had it, but a few times I went overboard vaping at night and woke up with nausea. I can see how it could get worse if you were to keep smoking through it.

  6. i don’t think smoking everyday is bad but after smoking everyday for 2 years and completely stopping for 6 months i have noticed a HUGE difference. i feel wayyyy more like myself, the most myself i’ve ever felt. my head is clear, my mood stays stable, and i have natural urges and feelings to do some of my favorite things everyday. it’s not only about being productive, but i feel like my spiritual personal journey is truly reaching its potential. now i like smoking occasionally, but after doing psychedelics, i realized i don’t want to numb myself all the time. i feel like i’m truly experiencing reality instead of being in a haze. weed is more of a special treat or a psychedelic to me now. it truly is subjective but i think everyone that smokes everyday should atleast try to take a longer break!

  7. Thanks for the video bro! You really calmed me down. I too started to smoke every day. I didn't set out to do it, it just evolved that way.
    I exercise and have a relatively healthy life style. So i am on a very good trajectory, but i was wandering if that is a life style to uphold.
    Thanks again, that really helped.

  8. I used cannabis every day for like 3 months.. mostly vaped oil, but also edibles and flower every now and then. I got really depressed by the end of it, and it is for sure the cannabis. Just using it every day for me was too much, so now I’m trying just a few times a week and I feel better! Also using dry flower more than vape now too 🙂

  9. I live in Germany and the problem is that i can not drive even a day or even 4 to 5 days after smoking weed, because the police sometimes check if your high. And if you have over 1 anagram THC per milliliters in your blood your driving license will be revoked. 🙁

  10. do you have feel your short term memory got fucked and why don't you take t-breaks since you say you like weed so much? isn't it better to smoke regularly with t breaks in them instead of just smoking everyday?

  11. Being responsible probably includes being responsible to yourself. Smoking weed unfortunately has negative consequences for your health: smoking is bad for your lungs (any kind of burning plant matter has lots of carcinogens), for people under 26 it can significantly alter brain development, it seems to lead to some mental health issues in some people, and more.

  12. 😂 "dont be the party assassin" im imagining Quentin tip towing around a house party offering dabs and then slwoly lowering their dabbed out bodies to the ground while laughing like a slomo stoner. Like a real HURDUR kinda laugh >< dude.. love you videos >< wish we could smoke a few bowls, i always enjoy intelligent stoner conversations haha 😄😌🤘🏻

  13. My cannabis use lol. I smoke weed all day everyday.. since I was 14. I’m now 36. I’d be a bitch without it. It’s not physically addicting.. but mentally quitting I’d have a meltdown. Smoking weed isn’t expensive here.. when ur spending 400a day on drugs that’s expensive but yet withdrawal from fentanyl is one of the worst withdrawals ull ever experience.. so I’d rather not be sick. I see you continuing to use and experiment w drugs til u get hooked not trying to be Debbie downer but reality check here. Meth is one that will get ya.. heroin will get ya and fentanyl will really get ya be careful. C u in hell .. lol jk enjoyyyy

  14. For me daily use and responsible use don't go together, but I am curious what you have to say.
    Portion control is exactly my problem with weed.

    I think I will try out the scale thing with my vape next time. Thanks for this obvious but nevertheless novel idea for me.

    Does anyone else like to mix in CBD strains with the strong THC ones? I feel like it gives me a much smoother high.

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