HUGE BATH & BODY FOAMING HAND SOAPS HAUL| Spring 2020 | Favorite Scents & Scents I Don’t Like 🧼

HUGE BATH & BODY WORKS Foaming HAND SOAPS HAUL | Favorite hand soap Scents & bath and Body Scents I Don’t Like 🧼 Home Scents Tour …


  1. Those bottles are huge. The soaps look fancy. My fav was the black coconut and the marbel one. I was going to say lilac but you said it smells like grass. Lol. Thanks for sharing. Great lighting.

  2. The unicorn milkshake sound like it would have smelled good. Awesome that the Honolulu sun smelled better than the last two. Too bad the apple one only smells okay I usually love that scent. This is a dope haul you got a lot of goodies sis 💜💜💜

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