HowTo Harvest, Dry & Cure Legal Cannabis – Full Process (Wet Trim Method)

This is my ACMPR Grow Journey won’t you join me? This is my full process on how to wet trim Harvest dry and cure cannabis. This episode was filmed inside a …


  1. Just found you all a littlw, completed my first autoflower since my state went legal grow, thanks guys great videos. If can keep up the autoflower vids be awesome theyre great for apartments. Oh Like a vid on best yielding or strongest autos…

  2. HEy I was curious how does the cure work into vacuum sealing and freezing? does the process change? is there a process to take in mind when the come out of the vacuum seal?

  3. I have herd of both technique being beneficial . I also heard that you should leave the leaves closer to the bud to protect and slow down the drying process . Also if you are trying a "perpetual" harvest you cant use the tent . All great information everyone's different . Love the video keep up the solid work ! πŸ˜€

  4. I just grew my second ever batch, first time saving some buds as flower (your videos have been very helpful, thank you). It’s cold and dry during winters where I am, and had to be away for work the whole time my buds dried and my gf took care of hanging wet towels trying to get the humidity up the best she could, but i think i over dried them a little (or a lot πŸ€·β€β™‚οΈ). I bought those same packets you have in this video, and it won’t seem to break above 55% in my jar after a couple hours even with the packet and a damp paper towel in the jar with the buds. Any way to get the humidity up for buds that over dried? Or link me a video?? Thanks!

  5. plants and their buds are different…. super dense buds like on Skywalker OG will take longer to dry and to properly cure, and will get moldy if kept in a curing jar much easier and faster than other less dense buds. I found this out the hard way. If the buds are dense, they will need more frequent burping, and a longer curing time before they can be considered fully cured.

  6. Plus I have used a female hormone for female women they give birth I forgot the hormone was called but it made my buds plump so fast I had drops of Crystal all over them one day I'll be able to pop it out of my little SIM card somewhere and posted on the internet but I don't have a computer at the moment so I went and happened

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