1. I don't agree that his account should have been suspended. That being said I think it's taking it a little too far by him saying he needs to be "liberated" and saying "Free Howie"? And this is his smaller account he says. But again I do think it's not fair and his account shouldn't have been suspended.

  2. The establishment are effing cowards. They can't play fair because they know they suck and will lose in a legitimate race. This only makes us hate them more and want to fight them more. I'd like to see Krystal Ball report on this and interview Howie as well because she has a large wide ranging base. People need to know we have options, whether they can win or not thanks to the cheaters isn't the point anymore.

  3. Should have used 2020 not just 20, that looks like a duplicate name with numbers at the end. The algorithm can easily pick it up. Probably shouldn't be able to but they mentioned they will be relying on algorithms during the pandemic.

  4. Folks can tweet to @TwitterSupport to support reinstating the account. Be nice — the goal is to get the account back. Suggestion for what to post: I posted one tweet expressing surprise that the account had been suspended for "impersonation" and made the point that Hawkins personal account has retweeted the campaign account. Then I suggested they should be concerned if someone was reporting the account — the reporter may be intentionally targeting the account.

  5. Seems like I had that problem with my @IMMHACAL account at some point too. Howie gonna be dismissed as a communist anyway, cause that’s what has always happened to the Green Party candidates. It’s insanity.
    Quit fucking around and merge with peoplesparty .org and let’s get back to work.

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