How to take apart disposable vape pen

Have trouble with your battery dying and you can’t smoke the rest of your portable vape pen? In this video I show how easy it can be to get some of these units …


    I have been searching youtube for the past 2 hours looking for this video
    luckily you have the same pen i have and i still have wax in it and was looking how to get to the batterie!
    your a saviour!

  2. How do I take apart a blu disposable vape pen . I know how to remove the small cover for the disposable pen and I can see the battery and wire. Can i use tweezers or sissors? Or do I have to use a wire cutter. My pen is same as urs. I need to get rid of the used vape pen

  3. Shalome.
    So, I have this exxus plus vv pen that was a problem from the jump. Recently the heating component straight broke off exposing severed teeny white and black wires. Probably shoddy assembly; like I mentioned, the thing was inconsistent. Anyways, the company honored the warranty, yada yada, and now I have the busted pen available for disassembly.
    Full disclosure, I am entirely self taught in the arena of batteries and what not, although I do have some educational background in accident prevention and safety. That said, I went ahead and powered it off by pushing the button x times until the light went out and proceeded to extract the circuit board. I was kind of hoping I could re-solder the wires and salvage it on account of the replacement pen is an earlier model lacking the bonus charging port….
    long story short….when one of the other wires (black or red- not sure which) from the circuit board to the battery snapped and (maybe touched the inside of the pen?) I saw a spark, it got warm, and now the pen is in a popcorn tin on the porch while I try to figure out what happened and weigh my options. Any thoughts? Can these wires not be messed with?

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