How to roll a joint ( CBD Hemp flower ) Five Leaf Wellness

A joint rolling tutorial from the guys at Five Leaf Wellness in Chattanooga. Who rolled the best? #TeamDallas #TeamJB or #TeamTaz ???? Nothing is for sale on …


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  2. Now we know the joints are made with love because our boy made one too also that joint wasn’t bad you just messed up by twisting the top I just like to stuff the cone kinda like a cigarette because well, more weed:)

  3. 🐊 Gator Nation all day! Live in FL with gators laying out by the pond behind my home. Another cool video. Maybe in the future, you could do strain reviews with 5LW or by yourself, and up close camera views in the future of the buds. Thanks man, your vids are dope.

  4. Taz what up cut up ? My brother where are the promo codes ? I learned so much about strands and times of day to smoke that have to buy more strands HOWEVER this can be a bet expensive I rarely buy less than an ounce only because MOST TIME if i like a strand i go back and it's GONE sooooo if you can HOOK ME UP lol !!!!

  5. Got my Lemon Squeeze yesterday, well Wednesday! I love the smell the feel, and the hand cut. Now I gotta try the Skunk Tsunami and Berry Punch! Thanks Taz and all at Five Leaf.

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