1. Made a bit myself as had a good bit there so decided to watch some vids see how others do it I just pressed it between card on a hard surface and grated it was dyno never even bothered with heat or anything leave that for when it burns haha ripped out ma dial struggling to finish this joint after a big bong rip 😂 can't have buckits anymore had a collapsed Lund start of the year and shouldn't even be smoking haha first bong since my op and am frazzled haha love it puff on chief

  2. This dude is a meth head he has a broken lightbulb on his table a broken cigarette with tobacco thrown all underneath of the wax paper and a knife randomly throw he’s a tweaker

  3. Hi thank you for making the video, please can you tell me whether the hash is dried from the plant, or from the live plant? Also, can you vape it, as I don’t want to go back to tobacco, sorry to be a pain. Best wishes sue

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