How to make SUPER POTENT THC Capsules using shatter

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  1. I got 39 out of 5 grams of wax. I took two and I was messed up four about five hours. I usually smoke about a gram to two grams a day so I definitely like this way better for my pain management. I did take a hunk of 2×4 and made a capsule holder out if it by just drilling some holes in it.

  2. I'm making some of these today. Using some home grown flower , Sweet and Sour (free seeds) I got from Mephisto Genetics.
    pressing into rosin first, then decarbing and making into capsules. Thanks for your great Videos… i have learned alot. And i love your carts too.

  3. How many do you average out of 6.5 ml? Nugz and hugz to everyone in this crazy time. COVID 2021 sucks and I’m about to take some capsules to pass the time.

  4. Hi if you can respond to this question it would be very very helpful, can u use Olive Oil instead of the coconut oil and how long do I have to cook it for when mixing the oil with the wax ?

  5. Thank you for your time, ordering tomorrow AM and will use the links provided, simple explanation, my one question to you is, do you see any problem with using the recipe you provided only to change the amount of shatter for more potent capsules? Can you see any foreseeable issues?

  6. I have a question. I didn’t have MCT, so I used regular coconut oil, and it gave me like a 5 minute tummy ache. Then I tried to make a batch with avocado oil, and the same thing happened.

    Does the MCT oil give you a stomach ache when you take your capsules??

  7. If I was inclined to add that cannabis tincture mixture to a drink or a syrup, would it disperse evenly ? Or would I have to add something else ? Thanks for the answers btw man you are awesome .

  8. just wanna say thank you for all your help! i havent bought a cartridge or edible in over a month cuz of you. instead of trash carts and edibles i now only shmo the sickest of budder/rosin/shatter pods. i also make my own 800mg cannalean sodas for the same price of a 100mg edible 🤣♥️♥️♥️♥️

  9. Im planing on making some of these but i want the individual capsules to be as strong as possible but i dont understand how much mct oil is needed per thc to evenly absorb it all would a 1 to 1 ratio work im not sure what do you recommend and how strong do you think the individual capsules could be made ?…
    Btw i love your hole channel thank you so much for all your information

  10. Quick to formulate 30 count 50mg and 30 count 25mg using 97% distillate? How much of the mct would you think? 25mg cap size:0, 50mg cap size:000.

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